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Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic is a experiential marketing and creative agency. Creators of the BBC 3 TV show The Revolution Will Be Televised, which won the BAFTA for Best Comedy in May 2013. Don’t Panic is one of the world’s leading creators of viral films.

The agency is used by charities to create disruptive films to generate awareness of difficult or overlooked issues.

Lily Pad PR is the media partner for the launch of these films with a single objective to create as much on and offline press coverage as possible to drive views of the video.

We helped create a vast amount of publicity resulting in the global YouTube ad of the month in March 2014 for the Most Shocking Second a Day Video for Save The Children and reawakened interest in Syria on the third anniversary of the conflict.

We promoted a film from Greenpeace aiming to highlight LEGO’s collusion in the threat to the Arctic by promoting the controversial Shell brand on its toys. Shell was under pressure from regulators and NGOs over its plans to drill in the Arctic, which threatens the people and unique wildlife that live there.

As a result of the success of the film and the public outcry, Lego announced the end of the relationship with Shell.


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