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Workplace Giving UK

Workplace Giving UK

Workplace Giving UK is one of the leading professional fundraising organisations in the UK and allows employers and employees to support good causes in the most tax effective way – direct from pay. However despite Workplace Giving also being the most cost effective way for charities to raise money, implementation and take up had remained stubbornly low. Successive Governments had also spent millions of pounds promoting the scheme with little effect.

Lily Pad PR was tasked with revolutionising attitudes to the scheme with the target of making it accessible to a further 1million employees in year one and the Geared for Giving Campaign was born.

As a starting point we recruited Campaign champions who would give the Campaign independence, and gravitas. Most importantly these supporters also agreed to be quoted or interviewed by the press, attend events and author personal letters to CEOs of major organisations.

We have enjoyed tremendous support from Government ( Nick Hurd Minister for Civil Society), The House of Lords (Baroness Kennedy, Lord Joffe), MPs (Anne Snelgrove) and business (Duncan Bannatyne, Alex Polizzi).

We adopted a sector by sector approach inviting the CEOs whose companies did not have a scheme or whose scheme was dormant to come to events hosted by companies who had achieved great success with the scheme.  The aim was to communicate the importance of Workplace Giving to charities but also the business case for supporting your employees with their fundraising activities.

To date over 3million more employees now have access to the scheme and £50 million has been raised for charity.


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