CFH Docmail

CFH Docmail

CFH Docmail Ltd is the leading hybrid mail provider in the UK. They provide a print and post solution for large organisations including councils and the NHS, finance, and vertical sectors including veterinary, education, housing and pensions.

Much of the volume work is secured through the tender process and as price becomes an increasing factor it’s important that potential clients already have a very good understanding of the benefits of working with the company before they receive the bid document.

We have been working with CFH Docmail for a number of years and in that time have become a cornerstone of their marketing department, working with them to develop a year round programme for key markets which create a number of opportunities for the business development managers to interact with decision makers and provide added value in advance of the formal business relationship.

Two of the most important markets are annual billing and electoral work from councils. The teams of officers responsible for council tax and elections are highly skilled but work under huge pressure often being required to deliver on enormous projects like snap general elections. They need to know they can rely on the suppliers of their business relationships. Budget pressures have meant that they are often under resourced and that training has been cut.

We’ve developed a programme of ‘best practice’ seminars which all council employees can attend for free. We’ve partnered with the key associations in each sector, which is unprecedented, to deliver expert seminars. We’ve addressed and fast- tracked council workers’ knowledge of accessibility, social value, new legislation and income generation strategies.  A new roundtable format, allows current concerns and issues to be discussed and addressed by the experts. This information is subsequently made available to every council through presentation documents and regular newsletters. By making all these services available to non- clients as well as clients it’s been possible to demonstrate a real commitment to and understanding of the market.

It’s no accident that this sector has grown every year. CFH Docmail now works with over 100 councils.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is also a key factor of the tender process. It’s vital that our client’s credentials are robust and withstand scrutiny. As well as an unrivalled environmental policy which has seen the planting of 100,000 trees and a reduction in energy use of over 15%, we’ve set up a Seeds of Change committee which is run by employees to oversee community projects. Initiatives have included partnering with local schools with employees listening to children read at lunchtime. 1,000 sessions were delivered in 2019. A Card Challenge project allows primary school leavers to learn about social enterprise, set up a business and then raise funds for their school as a ‘legacy’ activity.