Rabble is a social fitness start up that has transformed HIIT workouts into immersive, adrenaline-fuelled games. Playing everything from British Bulldogs to Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, and Frisbee the sessions are open to all ages and experience and take place in open spaces. The concept was developed by a former Olympic athlete whose career was cut short by a major accident

Rabble is designed as a franchise model with an unusually accessible entry point to allow students and young people, part time workers and those with children to build a business that suits their lifestyle.

We were brought into fast track awareness and understanding of the concept targeting potential instructors as well as players and to provide the base of evidence for proof of concept which would allow a campaign for a further round of funding.

Separately we were tasked with exploring affiliate partnerships with outdoor events to create demo opportunities as well as working on the research to establish the possibilities for a ‘junior’ format through schools and associations.

We began with a two – prong plan of developing case studies of players and instructors, often the interviewing involved taking part in games ourselves. We also invited journalists to attend sessions and play. Results were excellent with major features in national press including The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mail Inspire, Daily Mirror, Notebook (Sunday Mirror), Mail Online, Guardian Online, The Scotsman, Verge Magazine, The National Student, Culture Whisper, PT Today, COACH, Balance, Bdaily Top Santé and numerous regional newspapers and websites.

The subsequent funding round was oversubscribed and completed ahead of schedule.